About Allied Physicians Group

The Allied Foundation was founded by Allied Physicians Group in 2015.  Allied Physicians Group – one of the largest private medical partnerships in the New York metropolitan area – got its start from an informal dialogue between two independent and hospital-based pediatricians. Each was happy within their practices but concerned about the future. When an attorney suggested that they should consider building a network of independent practices, the pediatricians took action.

The physicians put together a list of dream-team doctors, including Dr. Gary Mirkin. For eleven years, Dr. Mirkin served as CEO of Allied Physicians Group, formerly known as Allied Pediatrics of New York. He decided to get involved in the organization’s early formation with the persuasion of Dr. Gene Friedman, who knew virtually every pediatrician on Long Island!

During the first meeting, the physicians addressed the challenges in combining forces while remaining fully independent, as their attorney explained the available options. Both Dr. Mirkin and Dr. Friedman co-chaired the group and sought other qualified physicians to join them. Dr. Mirkin formed an “Allied Pediatrician Group” on Yahoo so those interested could stay in touch.

By the time the business formed in 2006, there were more than 60 pediatricians who joined Allied Pediatrics of New York. Each participating physician gave funding to retain an attorney to launch the entity. Through a committee process, they decided on the business structure, working with the attorney to outline an operating agreement. Only those who bought into the partnership earned a vote.

The groups’ independence is an integral part of their success because it is not owned by a health system, hospital or insurance company. This freedom allows Allied doctors to refer patients to the specialists that are best for the child.

Today, Allied Physicians Group is comprised of more than 150 physicians who provide patient-centered care and collaborate on their best practices.